A Splash from the Font:

Cool Water Musings from Good Shepherd

Why this title?  Psalm 23 tells us that God will lead us beside waters of refreshment.  Splashes from the font remind us of our identity as God’s beloved children. It is our hope that these reflections, posts, and sermons will be life-giving and thought-provoking, but always repeating the message that we are all claimed and loved by the Good Shepherd, Jesus.

Main Contributor:

Rev. Lynette Chapman

Pastor at Good Shepherd

I am married to another ELCA pastor. We have a 22-year-old daughter who is an EMT and firefighter-in-training. I love live music and libraries, spicy chai and K-dramas, getting a drink with a friend and watching weird British TV with my family. I believe God is still revealing Godself, often in everyday places and people.