From the Presidents desk


The opportunity to help our neighbors, to share of our bounty, and to follow the teaching of Jesus is always a worthy effort. The Good Shepherd Congregation has always been responsive to the needs of others and has willingly given both time and treasure to help provide food and other necessities to those in need throughout our community. Since the first of the year we have delivered a week’s worth of groceries to forty-five families using food and offerings you have given to support the food pantry. Sixty-five adults and eighty-seven children were fed by Good Shepherd from Jan to August. Think of the impact you had; a total of Three thousand one hundred ninety-two meals (3192) were provided by the grace of God. Thanks for you and your family’s generosity and a special thank you to the volunteers who willingly shop and deliver food each week.

Sunday October 1st has been designated Youth Sunday at Good Shepherd. Our service will be led by the youth of our church that day and will be a part of our emphasis on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We have received a $250 grant from Thrivent in support of our food distribution efforts and our youth request you prayerfully consider donating in support of the food pantry on Youth Sunday. Any food or household item would be useful; a can of family sized tuna, a family sized package of toilet tissue, a can of peaches, or any other item would be greatly appreciated. A monetary gift to the food pantry can also be made using a pew envelope and marking it for the food pantry.

Your gifts make this vital ministry possible. Thank you for remembering others and thanks for all you do to spread the love of Jesus.

 - Bob Clark, Council President