Pastor's Perspective


The baptized devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.  (Acts 2:42)

Recently the church council, the Strategic Plan Committee, and the Worship and Music Committee have all been very involved in talking about our worship life at Good Shepherd. We have shared conversation on everything from Communion practices to the format of our weekly bulletin.  These have been fruitful, eye-opening conversations — be assured you will hear more from these committees in the days ahead.

As promised, the Strategic Plan Committee will be seeking your input on the recent change to the one-page worship insert together with the use of the Evangelical Lutheran Worship book. Your input is important to all of us!

In listening to the conversation we’ve shared centered on worship, a few things have become clear. First, few of us know where our liturgy comes from. Second, few of us know why we do the things we do in worship.

Did you know that large parts of our worship services are biblically based? Beginning in September you’ll notice Scripture citations have been added in the bulletin. Doing this will serve as a reference and help to identify where in the Bible large parts of our worship come from. It would be a good idea to take the bulletin home and read those verses in context. 

When studying our worship service perhaps it’s best to start with a definition or outline. There is a basic outline for worship among Lutherans: We gather, We encounter God’s word, We share a meal at the Lord’s Table,  and We are sent into the world.

As Lutherans we claim this as our worship pattern. That said, by no means is this a worship plan that is set in stone. Rather, as ELCA Lutherans it allows us flexibility in our worship services and planning. 

I plan to utilize this Scroll article to share details on this worship pattern and explore our worship life together in the months to come.

God’s peace,

 Pastor Tom