Sabbath Sundays

Sabbath Sundays begin at 10:30am in the library after our worship and fellowship time. Since Luther’s reformation ideas first took root at the University of Wittenberg, we find it fitting to meet together in the library for deeper study and questions.

Instead of age specific classrooms we take a Cross+Generational approach to learning. After meeting in the library, students and adults move between 3 different rooms to explore God’s word in fun and creative ways. All participants can move freely between these three rooms:


“With such training we may more easily instill the Ten Commandments, the Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer into the young so that they will receive them with joy and earnestness, practice them from their youth, and become accustomed to them.”


FAITH5 Sundays – On the 2nd Sunday of each month we gather Cross+Generationally around tables in the fellowship hall to practice the FAITH5 together. There are snacks, games, art supplies, and bibles available for engaging God’s Word alongside our brothers and sisters in the faith. This will be a model for families in our congregation to practice Sharing, Reading, Talking, Praying, and Blessing each other at home each day.

Lessons each Sunday follow the scriptures read in worship that morning to help children and adults remember these stories better. Kids also receive Spark bibles to take home that include faith activities to try as a family.