Church Council

cookout2018The church Council is the board of directors for our church and give of their time and talents to make decisions on behalf of the congregation. They lead the congregation in the work we do in Jesus' name both inside and outside of our walls. Council members serve for a two-year term and can be elected for one subsequent term. Below is a list of our Council members and committees. 

Our Leaders

President:  Leanne Cunningham
Vice President:  Dan Corkery
Secretary:  Myrna Johnson
Discipleship Co-Chairs:  Amy Chamley & Erin Wilding-Martin
Outreach Co-Chairs:  Agatha Barnes & Patty Hart
Fellowship Co-Chairs:  Katrina Widholm & Sherrill Houchens
Resources Chair:  Ron Meyer
Worship & Music Chair:  David Smith
Ad Hoc Long-Range Facility Planning Chair:  Dan Corkery